About Andrew Barron Worden

Mr. Worden has decades of experience in launching, managing, planning, analyzing, and investing with public and private companies, especially within the cleantech markets. Through his business ventures, Mr. Worden has gained unique insights on how to lower the cost for renewable energy and has founded GameChange Solar based on the concept of simple innovative design and large scale volume manufacturing leading to solar racking systems which combine fast installation, quality and unbeatable value for both ground and rooftop applications. He has established an extensive network of solar industry contacts including leading manufacturers, system engineers, and skilled installation contractors, which provides GameChange Solar’s customers access to state-of-the-art technologies and best installation practices.

Mr. Worden also serves as the Chairman, CEO and owner of Barron Group Holdings, an investment company with holding in real estate and manufacturing companies. In addition, Mr. Worden is the founder and serves as a director of the Barron Charitable Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to help those in need. He has also established and funded with Harvard University John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, The Andrew Barron Worden SEAS Dean’s Innovation Fund, which is dedicated to funding science research in the areas of cleantech, AI, medical and others.

Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts
Education: Graduated from Harvard University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Sciences. He also studied engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and finance and marketing at MIT’s Sloan School of Business as a cross-enrolled undergraduate while at Harvard.


  • I founded Barron Charitable Foundation and am the sole grantor to the foundation, which has allowed it to in turn make many grants each year to different charitable causes.

  • I am collaborating with Harvard SEAS to support their research in technology in service to the world, the nation, and our community. SEAS bridges disciplines, both within engineering and the applied sciences and beyond, to prepare broadly trained leaders, to advance foundational science, and to achieve translational impact.

  • Our world currently relies heavily on coal, oil, nuclear, and natural gas for its energy. They are non-renewable, and they will eventually become too expensive or too environmentally damaging. At GameChange, we are changing the world by making solar energy affordable.